100 Jobs and careers in farming and agriculture industry

The farming and agriculture industry is often overlooked when it comes to career opportunities. With the ever-increasing population and need for food, farmers and agriculturalists play a vital role in providing us with sustenance. This article will explore 100 job titles and career options available in the farming and agriculture industry, from entry-level positions to advanced technical and scientific roles.

Agricultural Engineer: Design and develop machinery and structures to improve efficiency in agriculture.

Agronomist: Study soil, crops and climate to improve farming practices.

Agricultural Economist: Analyze and develop economic strategies for farmers and agriculture businesses.

Farm laborer: Maintain and cultivate crops, often performing physically demanding tasks such as planting, harvesting, and caring for livestock. Read more: Farm laborers in New Zealand - job requirements, pay, benefits and more.

Rancher: Raise livestock for meat, dairy or wool production.

Shepherd: Raise and care for sheep, including feeding, breeding, and shearing, to produce wool, milk, and meat products. Read more: Shepherds in Germany - job requirements, pay, benefits and more.

Farm Manager: Oversee farm operations, workers and finances.

Livestock Breeder: Breed and improve genetics of livestock for desired traits.

Gardener: Cultivate and maintain plants, flowers, and trees in gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces to enhance their beauty and ensure their health. Read more: Gardeners in Spain - job requirements, pay, benefits and much more.

Horticulturist: Study and cultivate plants, flowers and ornamental vegetation.

Irrigation Specialist: Design and manage irrigation systems to improve water usage.

Soil Scientist: Analyze and manage soil composition and health.

Fruit and vegetable picker: Carefully selects the ripest produce from the fields or orchards to ensure the highest quality harvest. Read more: Fruit and vegetable pickers in Italy - job requirements, pay, and much more.

Crop Consultant: Advise farmers on crop selection and management practices.

Seed Technologist: Develop and test new seed varieties for crop improvement.

Farm Florist: Cultivate and arrange flowers and foliage grown on a farm, and sell them through a farm stand, or farmers' market.Read more: Florist in Canada - job requirements, salary, and more.

Agricultural Inspector: Inspect farms and agricultural businesses for compliance with laws and regulations.

Agricultural Scientist: Conduct research to improve crop and livestock productivity.

Dairy Farmer: Raise cows for milk production.

Poultry Farmer: Raise chickens, turkeys, and other birds for meat and egg production.

Fisherman: responsible for tending to the ponds, rivers, and other bodies of water on the farm, catching fish, and maintaining the overall health of the aquatic environment. Read more: Fisherman in The US - job requirements, pay, and more info.

Apiculturist: Manage and care for honey bees for honey production and pollination.

Greenhouse Manager: Manage operations and care for plants grown in greenhouses.

Crop Farmer: Cultivate crops for consumption or sale.

Precision Agriculture Specialist: Use technology to improve crop management practices.

Veterinarian: Provide medical care for livestock and farm animals. Read more: Veterinarian in Australia - job requirements, pay, and much more.

Agricultural Biotechnologist: Develop and implement biotechnology practices to improve crop and livestock productivity.

Agricultural Educator: Teach agricultural concepts and practices.

Agricultural Loan Officer: Provide loans and financial advice to farmers and agricultural businesses.

Agricultural Marketing Specialist: Develop marketing strategies for agricultural products.

Agricultural Sales Representative: Sell agricultural products to businesses and consumers.

Animal Nutritionist: Develop and implement nutritional plans for livestock.

Aquaculture Specialist: Manage and care for aquatic organisms for consumption or sale.

Farm Hand: Assist with various tasks on a farm, such as planting and harvesting crops or caring for livestock.


Farm Labor Contractor: Hire and manage temporary workers for farm tasks.

Landscape Designer: Design and plan outdoor spaces, such as gardens and parks.

Organic Farmer: Cultivate crops using organic farming practices.

Plant Breeder: Develop and improve plant varieties for crop production.

Soil Conservationist: Develop and implement practices to conserve soil health and prevent erosion.

Agricultural Technician: Assist with various tasks related to crop and livestock production.

Agricultural Policy Analyst: Analyze and develop policy related to agriculture and farming.

Agricultural Research Technician: Assist with agricultural research studies.

Farmer: Cultivate crops and raise livestock for consumption or sale.

Agricultural Supply Chain Manager: Manage supply chain logistics for agriculture-related businesses.

Arborist: Care for and maintain trees on farmland.

Agricultural Technical Writer: Write technical documents related to agriculture and farming.

Agricultural Tour Guide: Lead tours of agricultural facilities and farms.

Agricultural Waste Manager: Develop and implement practices to manage agricultural waste.

Agriculture Data Analyst: Analyze and interpret agricultural data for various purposes.

Farm Operations Manager: Oversee the day-to-day operations of a farm, including managing personnel, maintaining equipment, and optimizing production.

Agroforestry Specialist: Integrate trees into farming systems to improve productivity and sustainability.

Aquaponics Farmer: Combine aquaculture and hydroponics to grow fish and plants in a symbiotic system.

Beekeeper: Care for honeybees for honey and wax production and pollination services.

Biofuel Producer: Grow and process crops for biofuel production.

Commodity Trader: Buy and sell agricultural commodities on financial markets.

Conservation Scientist: Develop and implement strategies to preserve natural resources and biodiversity.

Livestock Geneticist: A livestock geneticist studies the genetic makeup of livestock to improve breeding programs and increase the productivity and profitability of farms.

Crop Duster Pilot: Apply pesticides and fertilizers to crops from the air.

Crop Insurance Adjuster: Evaluate and process insurance claims related to crop loss or damage.

Entomologist: Study insects and their impact on crops and ecosystems.

Environmental Scientist: Conduct research on the impact of agriculture on the environment and develop strategies to mitigate negative effects.

Farm Equipment Mechanic: Repair and maintain farm machinery and equipment.

Farm-to-Table Chef: Use locally-sourced and fresh ingredients to prepare meals. Read more: Cook/Chef in Dubai - job requirements, pay, and much more.

Farm Tourism Operator: Offer tours and activities on a farm for tourists. Read more: Tour guide in Mexico - job requirements, pay, and more.

Farming Technology Developer: Develop new technology and software to improve farming practices.

Food Safety Inspector: Inspect food processing and packaging facilities to ensure compliance with regulations.

Food Scientist: Develop and improve food products and processes.

Food Truck Operator: Prepare and sell food from a mobile kitchen.


Forestry Technician: Assist with forest management and timber harvesting.

Grain Elevator Operator: Manage storage and distribution of grains.

Hydrologist: Study the movement and distribution of water in the environment.

Landscape Technician: Maintain outdoor spaces, such as gardens and parks.

Livestock Auctioneer: Sell livestock at auction.

Meat Processor: Butcher and process animal meat for consumption. Read more: Butcher in South Korea- job requirements, pay, and more.

Mushroom Farmer: Cultivate mushrooms for food and medicinal purposes.

Nut Grower: Grow and harvest nuts, such as almonds and walnuts.

Organic Inspector: Inspect farms and food processing facilities for compliance with organic standards.

Pest Control Technician: Control and manage pests that threaten crops and livestock.

Plant Pathologist: Study plant diseases and develop strategies to prevent and control them.

Precision Livestock Farmer: Use technology to monitor and manage livestock health and productivity.

Produce Buyer: Purchase fresh produce from farmers for resale to retailers and restaurants.

Ranch Hand: Assist with various tasks on a ranch, such as herding livestock and maintaining fences.

Rural Appraiser: Determine the value of farms, ranches, and other rural properties.

Seed Analyst: Test and evaluate seed quality for crop improvement.

Soil Conservation Technician: Implement practices to conserve soil and water resources.

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist: Develop and promote sustainable farming practices.

Urban Farmer: Cultivate crops in urban areas, such as rooftop gardens and community plots.

Veterinary Technician: Assist veterinarians with medical care for farm animals.

Vineyard Manager: Manage and care for grapevines for wine production.

Water Resource Specialist: Manage and protect water resources for agriculture and other uses.

Weed Scientist: Develop strategies to manage and control weeds in crops.

Wildlife Biologist: Study and manage wildlife populations in agricultural and natural settings.

Wind Farm Developer: Develop and manage wind energy projects on farmland.

Winemaker: Produce wine from grapes or other fruits.

Wool Processor: Process wool from sheep for textiles and other products.

Organic Inspector: Inspect farms and verify that farm practices are in compliance with the National Organic Program.

Agricultural Marketing Consultant: An agricultural marketing consultant helps farmers market their products by developing advertising campaigns, creating promotional materials, and coordinating sales and distribution.

Fish Farmer: Raise fish for consumption or sale.

Agricultural Journalist: Report on agricultural news and trends for media outlets. Read more: Journalist in The UK - job requirements, salary, and more.

Agricultural Lawyer: Advise farmers and agricultural businesses on legal issues related to land use, labor, and contracts. Read more: Lawyer in France - job requirements, salary, and more.

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