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The most common places to find a job are: Doha (capital city), Al Rayyan, Umm Salal Mohammed, Al Wakrah, Al Khor, Al-Shahaniya, Dukhan
Number of persons of Indian origin in Qatar - 650000

Salary for the job: Truck Driver Qatar - USD 3895 (292132 INR)
Average salary Qatar - USD 3067 (230025 INR)
Wages are paid in local currency: QAR (Qatari riyal)

The impact of the work experience on the salary:
Experienced: + 13%
Mid-Career: + 5%
Entry-Level: - 12%


Chart: (1) Salary - Truck Driver India (2) Salary - Truck Driver Qatar


Chart: (1) Salary - Truck Driver (2) Average salary - Qatar


Chart: (1) Experienced (2) Medium experience (3) Partialy experience

Employee benefits
Retirement plan: Not common
Health insurance: Yes, often
Internal and external training courses: No
Career development plan for the employees: No

Typical job requirements
Education level: High school
Certification: May be required
IT literate: Not necessary
Probation period: Not usual
Official language: Arabic
Knowledge of foreign languages: Not necessary
Driver's licence: Necessary
Work experience: Impact on the salary - Medium

Job type:
Full Time Job
Part Time Job
Temporary Job
Seasonal Job
Contract employment
Industry: transportation and travel jobs

Working time and paid leave
Working week: Sunday - Thursday
Working hours per week: 40 (25 during Ramadan)
Overtime working hours: No
Paid vacation days: 15 (The contract may be different)
Paid public holidays: 10
Lunch break: No
Lunch break duration: 30 minutes
Flexible working hours: Rarely

Unemployment rate Qatar - 0.1%
Retirement age Qatar - 55-60

Companies in Qatar, with the highest published employment and wages for this occupation - truck driver, are logistics companies, retailers, wholesalers and distribution companies.

Most truck drivers in Qatar find a job in the urban areas of Doha and Al Wakrah, where the largest companies have their headquaters.

Besides heavy truck driver jobs that usually involve carrying heavy cargo, a truck driver can also carry specific things, such as packed foods or beverages.
Some truck drivers do load and unload cargo, but most in Qatar don’t. It’s often duty of a warehouse workers.

Many companies in Qatar require that truck drivers:

- are at least 20 years old
- have valid international driving license and clean driving record
- can lift heavy objects and packages
- be able to read and speak Arabic or English well enough to read road signs, package details, package labels, and communicate with policemen or customer
- have work experience 1 to 3 years
- have skills, such as hand-eye coordination, visual and hearing abilities and technical abilities

Other companies provide their own training programs for truck drivers without work experience and prefer to hire high school graduates.

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