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The most common places to find a job are: Kingston (capital city), Spanish Town, Portmore, Montego Bay, Mandeville

Salary for the job: Fruit picker Jamaica - USD 92
Average salary Jamaica - USD 130
Wages are paid in local currency: JMD (Jamaican dollars)

The impact of the work experience on the salary:
Experienced: + 7%
Mid-Career: + 8%
Entry-Level: - 12%


Chart: (1) Salary - Fruit picker (2) Average salary - Jamaica


Chart: (1) Experienced (2) Medium experience (3) Partialy experience


Salary - Fruit picker: (1) Jamaica (2) Dominican Republic (3) Costa Rica


Salary - Jamaica: (1) Fruit picker (2) Farmworker (3) Gym Attendant

Employee benefits
Retirement plan: Very rare
Health insurance: No
Internal and external training courses: No
Career development plan for the employees: No

Typical job requirements
Education level: High school
Certification: Not required
IT literate: Not necessary
Probation period: No
Official language: English
Knowledge of foreign languages: Not necessary
Driver's licence: Not necessary
Work experience: Impact on the salary - Low

Job type:
Full Time Job
Part Time Job
Temporary Job
Seasonal Job
Contract employment
Industry: agriculture and fishing jobs

Working time and paid leave
Working week: Monday - Friday
Working hours per week: 40
Overtime working hours: No
Paid vacation days: 10 (The contract may be different)
Paid public holidays: /
Lunch break: Not often
Lunch break duration: 30 minutes
Flexible working hours: Generally yes

Unemployment rate Jamaica - 7.9%
Retirement age Jamaica - 65

Companies in Jamaica, with the highest published employment and wages for this occupation - fruit picker, are crop production companies and farms.

Fruit pickers often have varying salaries depending on a number of factors. One major factor is the type of fruit they are picking. For example, a picker who specializes in picking delicate berries may earn a higher salary than one who primarily picks larger fruits like apples or oranges. Additionally, the location of the farm can also play a role in determining salary. A picker working on a farm in a more rural area may earn less than one working on a farm in a more urban area due to the higher cost of living in the latter location. Experience and skill level also come into play as a more experienced and skilled picker may earn a higher salary than a less experienced one. Overall, there are many factors that contribute to the differences in salaries for fruit pickers and it is not solely based on the type of fruit they are picking.

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