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The most common places to find a job are: Hanoi (capital city), Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Haiphong, Hue, Bien Hoa

Salary for the job: Plumber Vietnam - USD 278
Average salary Vietnam - USD 319
Wages are paid in local currency: VND (Vietnamese đồng)

The impact of the work experience on the salary:
Experienced: + 14%
Mid-Career: + 3%
Entry-Level: - 29%


Chart: (1) Salary - Plumber (2) Average salary - Vietnam


Chart: (1) Experienced (2) Medium experience (3) Partialy experience


Salary - Plumber: (1) Vietnam (2) Taiwan (3) Thailand


Salary - Vietnam: (1) Plumber (2) Production assembler (3) Welder


Plumber - Vietnam: Payroll taxes and social security contributions

Employee benefits
Retirement plan: Not common
Health insurance: Yes, often
Internal and external training courses: No
Career development plan for the employees: Not usual

Typical job requirements
Education level: High school
Certification: Not required
IT literate: Not necessary
Probation period: Not usual
Official language: Vietnamese
Knowledge of foreign languages: Not necessary
Driver's licence: Necessary
Work experience: Impact on the salary - Low

Job type:
Full Time Job
Part Time Job
Temporary Job
Night Shift
Contract employment
Industry: maintenance jobs

Working time and paid leave
Working week: Monday - Friday
Working hours per week: 40
Overtime working hours: Often
Paid vacation days: 12 (The contract may be different)
Paid public holidays: 11
Lunch break: Not often
Lunch break duration: 30 minutes
Flexible working hours: Generally yes

Tips for finding a job as a foreigner
Is working permit / working visa required? Required
Required level of proficiency in the local language: Limited level

Unemployment rate Vietnam - 2.7%
Retirement age Vietnam - 55-60

Companies in Vietnam, with the highest published employment and wages for this occupation - plumber, are plumbing contractors, manufacturing companies and construction companies.

Plumbers typically work in uncomfortable and sometimes hazardous conditions, often in areas with limited access, such as crawl spaces and attics. They may spend long hours in awkward positions and cramped spaces, as well as in wet and dirty areas. They must be able to lift and carry heavy tools, pipes, and fixtures and have excellent problem-solving skills in order to diagnose and fix plumbing issues. Plumbers must also be comfortable working with electricity, as some jobs require the installation and repair of electrical components.

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