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What is the salary of - Waiter / Waitress Austria?
How to find a job - Waiter / Waitress Austria?


The most common places to find a job are: Vienna (capital city), Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Villach

Salary for the job: Waiter / Waitress Austria - USD 1890
Average salary Austria - USD 3259
Wages are paid in local currency: EUR (Euros)

The impact of the work experience on the salary:
Experienced: + 15%
5+ years of experience in busy restaurants: + 21%
Entry-Level: - 13%


Chart: (1) Salary - Waiter / Waitress (2) Average salary - Austria


Chart: (1) Experienced (2) Medium experience (3) Partialy experience

Employee benefits
Retirement plan: Very rare
Health insurance: Yes, often
Internal and external training courses: No
Career development plan for the employees: No

Typical job requirements
Education level: High school
Certification: Not required
IT literate: Not necessary
Probation period: Not usual
Official language: German
Knowledge of foreign languages: Necessary
Driver's licence: Not necessary
Work experience: Impact on the salary - Low

Job type:
Full Time Job
Part Time Job
Temporary Job
Seasonal Job
Night Shift
Contract employment
Industry: hospitality jobs

Working time and paid leave
Working week: Monday - Friday
Working hours per week: 38.5
Overtime working hours: Not frequently
Paid vacation days: 25 (The contract may be different)
Paid public holidays: 13
Lunch break: No
Lunch break duration: 30 minutes
Flexible working hours: No

Unemployment rate Austria - 5.7%
Retirement age Austria - 60-65

Companies in Austria, with the highest published employment and wages for this occupation - waiter / waitress, are Coffee bars, restaurants and hotels.

Austrian employers require following qualifications for this job:
-Must be over 18 years old to serve alcoholic drinks
-Must be able to work scheduled shifts that include evenings and weekends
-Must be able to stand for a long periods of time.

Main tasks will include, but are not limited to:
-Seat customers upon entering the restaurant
-Set tables quickly according to meal requirements
-Take food and beverage orders and give orders to kitchen
-Serve meals and beverages to customers
-Maintain stock
-Clean the restaurant and deck area
-Check customers identification to comply with alcohol laws.

Basic pay is the largest part of waiter's pay in Austria, but a part will likely come from tips.

Waiters / Waitresses in their early career may be promoted to Cocktail waiters / waitresses, Restaurant servers or Wine stewards.

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